So you’re thinking about buying a home in Grand Rapids Michigan or surrounding Kent County. Great! Let me explain how I work with you to get the best price and terms for the home you’re thinking about purchasing.

First things first. I will make sure you know and understand what a Buyers’ Agency is. I am sorry; but I only work with people that want me to give them the best service possible! That means signing a buyer’s Agency, it’s the best thing you can do as a buyer! If you’re not completely happy with my services I will fix what you’re upset about in 3 days or I will tear the agreement up!

Then, when you sign a Buyer’s Agency my duties change for working for the seller to now working for you and you alone.

So when I work for you I will make sure you know everything about the home before making an offer. You will know how may days it has been on the market, you will know if there are any other offers coming in on the property. I will try to find out why it is for sale and if it is a foreclosed property. I could go on but you will just have to give me a call if you want to hear more about what I do for my buyer.

So you’re wondering does this cost me anything when I buy a home, do I have to pay you for your services? The answer is NO! My pay check comes from the seller of the property that you decide to purchase.

Please give me a call today or send me an email so I can start making you the best informed buyer in the market today.

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