Welcome To Downtown Grand Rapids

Hello and welcome to Downtown Grand Rapids! A thriving, vibrant city that is constantly growing, changing and adapting all while staying true to its roots.

In order to appreciate downtown, you have to know downtown.  There are 5 major corridors to the downtown area: Central, Heartside, West Fulton, Heritage Hill, and Midtown.

Grand Rapids Historic Neighborhoods

Central cooridor is where all the action happens. DeVos Performance Hall, City Headquarters and tons of local shops and boutiques can be found here, giving you endless options to entertain yourself, friends and family.  This is the prime location for living!  You are steps away from where everyone wants to be.  The Grand River also runs through dividing central downtown from the other sections.

Heartside is where the original Grand Rapids started.  Here you will find historic buildings with outstanding handcrafted detail and if you’re lucky, the person who did it!  This part of town carries major art galleries, trendy restaurants, St. Mary’s Healthcare and is quickly becoming a hot destination spot for locals and tourists alike. Also in Heartside is the infamous Van Andel Arena where the Grand Rapids Griffin’s hockey team plays and major acts come to perform such as Elton John, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and more.

West Fulton is best known for its nature elements at the John Ball Park Zoo.  The Zoo is a large attraction with its exotic animals and fun events.  This is also a large residential community with families, students and long-time residents all in the same location.  West Fulton also bridges downtown to the start of NW Grand Rapids and is a desirable location for those who are looking to live downtown in a quiet neighborhood.

Heritage Hill is one of the oldest parts of Grand Rapid’s downtown area and also one of the most beautiful.  Here you can easily get lost in the beauty and splendor of the hundreds of well-restored mansions.  Large, breath-taking homes are just part of the charm of this neighborhood.  Quaint coffee and sandwich shops are easy to find here, and the walk ability is a large attraction for Heritage Hill residents. Walking your dog, meeting with up friends or taking a run is common practice here.

Midtown is a fast-growing community and is very popular with the medical field.  Home to brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities, Midtown is graced with the new name of ‘Medical Mile’ due to its cluster of world-renowned hospitals and medical offices.  Spectrum Hospitals is responsible for this growth and has recently opened or renovated new facilities such as the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion, Meijer Heart Center and Butterworth Hospital.  Michigan State Secchia Center has also opened on Medical Mile in addition to Grand Valley State University’s Cook-Devos Center for Health Sciences to help students get a better grasp on medical sciences.

So, which section speaks most to you?  There is a beautiful home waiting for you wherever you choose!

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