Wake Wars at the B.O.B. Downtown Grand Rapids

The B.O.B. is at it again with another amazing event. This time they have teamed up with Action Water Sports to host “Wake Wars”. The event will be held right next to the B.O.B. which, as you may remember, was the same location where the hosted the very popular event “Downtown GR Rail Jam”. It starts at 4pm on July 25th and 26th. There will be tons of activities for all age groups and skill levels. For anyone with a wakeboard, there will be free wakeboarding in special above ground wakeboarding pools. For those with more advanced skills there will be a trick competition on Saturday night and an extreme air competition on Sunday evening. To compete you will have to qualify, but if you don’t make it, it will still be an awesome show to watch. If wakeboarding isn’t your thing, there are still lots of other activities for you to participate in. There will be a volleyball court, a game pool with lots of fun water games, raffle prize giveaways, an outdoor BBQ. Not to mention a rockin’ after party inside the B.O.B. You won’t want to miss this awesome event!

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