Avenue 23 New Pricing!

I am excited to announce that Avenue 23 Condos have just become more affordable to everyone that wants to buy their first condo in Downtown Grand Rapids.

With bringing people through Avenue 23 over the past month everyone is surprised at how big it feels and how great they are set up inside.

One comment has been is there any way to make them more affordable? When asking what more affordable means to them they say,

“I don’t need the granite counter tops or stainless steel I just want a nice place to live for the next couple of years.”

So this is what we have done! We are making a new standard unit that will sell for $70,000. Yes you can now buy a downtown Grand Rapids condo for $70,000 that is very functional, with all new kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, paint, flooring, and much more.

Let us know when you would like to take a tour of the project. Also see the new pricing on our upgraded units. Granite and everything high end for under $100,000.

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