Park Row Condos Ready For Move In!


So I took a tour of the Park Row Condominiums in Downtown Grand Rapids last week as they have just moved their first owners into their condos.

I have to say I was more impressed than I thought I would be. Park Row Condos seem very well thought out and have some very nice high-end features.

So, what are the plusses and minus to Park Row? Well I have to say it just comes down to the lifestyle you want in a condo building. If your looking for the pool health club and extra amentias this most likely will not be the condo project for you.

But if your looking for a quiet professional building that is well built, and very well laid out this could be a great alternative to condos like Riverhouse or Fitzgerald.

Some of the things I like the most about the way the builder is building Park Row is the choice they give to their buyer. Everything from the flooring, counter tops, and cabinets you get an allowance for which is very genius. Then you get to build out the condo your way as if you were building a home.

With 34 total units and 18 sold already in Park Row, this building looks like it’s going to do very well over the coming year, and have a strong future in the downtown Grand Rapids condo market in years to come.

So, if your wanting to be close to downtown or the Medical Mile let me know and I would love to take you on a tour of this building, and if you would like we could go look at Fitzgerald and River house together as well. It’s always good to have someone work just in your best interest.

One thought on “Park Row Condos Ready For Move In!

  1. I went to this place and think that it is amazing. I am not actively looking to move right now, but Park Row has jump started my decision making process.

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