Avenue 23

Hey Everyone!

I am excited to announce today that the Steve Volkers Group will be selling Avenue 23 Condos in downtown Grand Rapids.

Just in the last year I have heard from many of you asking what projects are there in Downtown Grand Rapids that are affordable for the first time buyer. The email typically says that you want to buy a great condo for under $100,000. You want the condo to be functional, with all the improvements done to it before you move in. You want to have a chance to pick out colors, flooring and amenities and be able to set the price your willing to pay for it not what some tell you have to pay.

I believe Avenue 23 is going to fill that gap!

There is a world of possibilities with these condos and it up to you to decide what you think is the best deal for you.

What do you want in a Downtown Condo?

  • A gym membership
  • 6 months no condo fees
  • No closing costs
  • A plasma TV
  • What about 6 months free living?
  • Or upgrades to your unit with high end everything
  • What about your utility bills paid for the year?

So often when you buy a condo you’re told what you can and can not do. Well that’s about to all change with Avenue 23.

Come check the building out and see the model units. Make us an offer on the model or tell us how you would design your unit and what you think it should cost you to live in Downtown Grand Rapids.

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