Grand Rapids is Not Urban yet and I am okay with that!

I truly enjoy walking around downtown Grand Rapids Michigan and being able to work in some of the downtown condo builds.


But a couple of  weekend ago I took a much needed vacation to Washington DC. It is a wonderful Urban City with great public transportation, tons of things to see and do for free. And let me tell you any kind of food you would want to eat they have.


The one thing I was able to notice about this big Urban City with over 1 million people is only a 10 X 10 mile area is they were to busy to smile.


When I first got on the train to head to my Sister and Brother –in-laws home I realize everyone had on the I-Pods, writing email on there Blackberry’s and looking at the floor. If you caught someone’s eye they may smile back, but it was rare. There seem to be a since that everyone had some place to get to and could not take the time to enjoy what was around them in the moment.


So I relived that we might be becoming a big city with big buildings and more on the way but we have something so much more important than Washington DC. We have time to enjoy the people around us.


So before we get too excited about becoming Urban in this New Downtown Grand Rapids remember it’s only cool if we keep it Grand Rapids and not make it into a DC or Chicago.

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